Why Choose Pianicity?

Piano Taught in a Class Setting

All piano lessons at Pianicity are taught as a small class of 2-8 students. This allows students to benefit from others mistakes, questions, and problems, and makes them focus on conforming what they’re doing to the greater whole, which in turn creates a stronger sense of internal pulse and rhythm. Ensemble playing of this type is similar to playing in a band or orchestra, and teaches the student that timing is of utmost importance; the beat is king! This in turn causes them to progress quicker than they would otherwise, as positive peer pressure results in more practice time at home. It also creates a sense of camaraderie and fun that is not present in one-on-one lessons

Proprietary Curriculum

Our curriculum was created by owner Matthew Mason and is tailored specifically for use in a class setting, making it more effective than regular curriculum that is typically used for one-on-one lessons. It is for use of Pianicity students only and is not available for sale to the general public. As the students do not use headphones in the class, it is designed to be played by multiple students at once as an ensemble.

50 minute classes

20 minutes longer than typical lessons, this allows for more learning, greater depth in the teaching, and better all around results.

88 Weighted Key Digital Pianos with All Pedals

Each student learns on their own full size state of the art digital piano. Weighted keys simulate a grand piano very effectively, allowing them to develop proper technique. All 88 keys give them proper spacial recognition of notes on the keyboard, essential to the process of note identification, especially at the beginning. Because they are digital, they are also always in tune, which helps with ear training. Three pedals are essential, as they are used quite early on, especially the sustain pedal.

Board Projection of Musical Curriculum

Rather than have each student read the music from their individual books during the class, all curriculum is projected onto an enormous whiteboard at the front of the classroom. This not only allows the instructor to be sure that all students are focused on the music, it also makes it possible for the instructor to make pertinent and helpful notes in the music. As an added advantage, students no longer need to remember to bring music to class each week. No more forgotten books, no more replacement book expenses.

Twice Yearly Recitals That Are Included in Tuition

In the fall and spring we hold recitals in the recital hall at Lone Star College Kingwood. It is a truly beautiful facility. Students perform on stage on a 9 foot long, $200,000 concert grand piano. Recitals help students understand that music is about performance, not just going to lessons every week. It gives a clear goal to the student, something to be worked toward and diligently prepared for. It’s also public proof of the skills they’ve developed.


PianoOrchestra is Pianicity’s most unique offering, and is found nowhere else in the country. It teaches piano in the context of a larger ensemble by having students play music for orchestra on the piano using state of the art sampling and MIDI technology. As parts for each student are different and unique, special care must be given by each student to their part to make it fit into the larger whole. Much like a band or orchestra, an esprit de corps is developed over time in rehearsal, with each student proud to contribute their part. Allows students to work on music they’ve heard before, and some they haven’t. In this way it also functions as music appreciation by teaching them some of the great works of western music. A truly unique program, it is educational as well as enormous fun for the participants.


Much of the same benefits as PianoOrchestra, with the addition of modern sounds by state of the art synthesizers. These sounds are quite exciting to young students and are quite familiar to them because of the prevalence of pop music and soundtracks.

Student Achievement and Reward System and Practice App

Students at Pianicity use a practice app for use on phones or tablets that times practice time as well as provides valuable information about each piece being studied, including the written score, helpful tips, exercises, and even audio and video recordings of each piece.

Clean, Comfortable, and Pleasant Facilities

Comfortable couches, chairs, Keurig coffee maker and a pleasant decor make for a very comfortable experience for parents who choose to stay while their students are in class. Large windows make observation very easy.

Central Location

Easily accessed from all areas of Kingwood.