Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you teach?

We teach ages 5-18. We may occasionally make an exception for four year olds, but an individual evaluation will be necessary to make a decision.

Is it possible to sign up anytime?

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When are classes held?

After school hours. The first class starts at 3:45, the last one starts at 6:45. Classes are 45 minutes long, and are held once a week. They are grouped by age and skill level.

Do I need a keyboard or piano at home for practice?​

Yes. However, it doesn’t need to be expensive. If you sign up we will provide you with a list of recommended instruments.

Why study piano in Pianicity class rather than a home based private teacher?

Several reasons. The most significant is what we call “positive peer pressure”: our proprietary classes incentivize daily practice in a unique and challenging way. This often results in the entire class playing their songs not only correctly, but as an ensemble, and from memory as well. This phenomenon is rarely seen in private lessons.

In addition, the class format is much more enjoyable for most children.

Isn't there a lack of individual attention in a class setting?

No. All students in a given class receive the full attention of the instructor at all times, because all students are playing at the same time.  Our classes are not a series of individual lessons happening at once with the teacher moving from student to student. Instead, they are small ensembles much like an orchestra, with the teacher as conductor. Class piano is a highly effective teaching method that has been around since the 19th century. 

I have siblings that I’d like to enroll. Is it possible to put them in the same class?