Why Study of the Piano is a Good Musical Foundation

All instrumentalists and singers can benefit from learning to play the piano, for many reasons. First of all, the piano has an extremely wide range (wider than the entire orchestra, in fact). For this reason, music for the piano is written on two clefs, treble and bass, whereas almost all other instruments use only one. Mastering these two clefs means the student will have become quite adept at reading notation. The piano is also capable of very complex harmony, far more so than other instruments. This leads to an intuitive understanding of theory, or the mechanics of music. I often tell the story of my first year theory class in college – all the pianists easily mastered the concepts, while most other musicians struggled. This is why all non-pianist music majors are required to take piano in college. While the individual techniques required to play other instruments obviously vary widely, the musical concepts learned at the piano will make it far easier when switching to another instrument. 

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